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Our Garden Grand

garden grand photo

It was time to repaint....

Because of a slight math miscalculation (basically, a tree stump in the way) when I initially made this keyboard two years ago, I came up three notes short on the low end A, A#, B were missing... to the trained eye, this was a travesty. They are missing no more! I beat on the offending stump and added the missing keys. :-)

garden grand photo garden grand photo

Yesterday I repainted the black. My dad saw it and said:
"That looks awful!"
"I'm not finished, Dad, I'm not finished"

garden grand photo garden grand photo

This afternoon I measured and taped. It all went faster this time, but it still took effort to line everything up. Then a few coats of paint...

garden grand photo garden grand photo

The finished project (minus some black touching up I'll get to later)

A, A#, B..... I feel better already. :-)