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Fletcher's Piano Showcase

Saturday, April 9th, 2005 - 5 Participants:  1 Trophy, 2 Medals

Brittani (standing)
Carrie (seated) - Medal Winner

Zachary - Trophy Winner

Joel (standing)
Cameron (seated) - Medal Winner

NameLevelRequired PieceChosen PieceScore
Brittani2Ecossaise A Little Song 70
Carrie2Ecossaise March of the Goblins 82.5
Zachary3Gavotte in G Major Coconut Rag 95
Joel7WaltzPrelude in E Minor 78.7
Cameron7WaltzVenetian Boat Song 88

Fletcher's Pianos and Organs at the Arnot Mall, hosted their annual Piano Showcase competition on Saturday, April 9, 2005.  Contestants competed before a panel of three local adjudicators.

Each participant performed two memorized pieces from the "Celebration Series® - The Piano Odyssey®"  One piece was pre-determined, and the other they personally choose from the same album.

The top 20% of the students received a trophy and medals were awarded to others for a commendable performance (above 80-85%). All students received a certificate.

As one parent aptly put it, "It was just like ice skaters - you can have a clean program but still lose because someone else did a triple something to win."   Luke (from another studio) played the best "Mouse in a Coal Bin" I've ever heard.... FEEL the mouse... BE... the mouse.   ;-)

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