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Piano Guild Auditions

171 Cedar Arts Center, 155 Cedar St, Corning, NY

Friday, May 29, 2015

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in Guild
Level Number of Pieces Final Score
Kyra 1 0 EB 4 - District 8 - Excellent

Caroline 2 0 EB 7 - State 9 - Excellent

Grace 3 3 ED 10 - National 10 - Excellent

Hannah 3 0 EB 7 - State 7 - Excellent

Robert 4 3 EE 10 - National 12 - Excellent Plus

Alyssa 5 3 EF 10 - National 17 Superior Minus

Claire 1 1 EF 10 - National 13 - Excellent Plus

Lydia 1 0 EB 7 - State 12 - Excellent Plus

Information & Qualifications

As a member of the National Guild of Piano Teachers, I am able to sponsor my students in the annual auditions for the National Fraternity of Student Musicians. All levels of progress are welcome to attend the auditions, as they are judged solely on their own abilities and not in competition with anyone else.

Each student performs one-on-one with an impartial adjudicator. This judge listens to pieces prepared by the student and fills out a report card. The comments made are very positive and the grading system easy to understand.

The Hobbyist level plays up to 8 un-memorized pieces. All other students perform their choice of 1 to 20 memorized pieces (or combined songs with musicianship phases such as arpeggios, chords, transposition, sight reading, etc.) They are classified according to how many pieces they performed and what level of repertoire they select.

Every year a student enters they receive a membership certificate and a pin, as well as a report card. They also have their name posted on my Teacher's Certificate which hangs in my studio. His/her name will also be listed, along with a photo, in a magazine called, "Piano Guild Notes" in their fifth, tenth, or fifteenth year as a National or International winner. Other medals and awards are also available in the higher levels.

Another goal to strive for - a FIFTH-YEAR NATIONAL WINNER. The Five-Year National Role is awarded students who have performed a National or International program for a minimum of five years. For this award the student's picture will appear in the photo section of the Winter issue of Piano Guild Notes, plus he/she will receive a special "composer" pin in additional to their "National" Pin.

Please visit the Archive for photos and results from past seasons. Photo not available for all students.

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