I was reviewing a new concept with one of my students. “Can you explain to me what an upbeat is?” “Yes.” he says. “It’s the note that stands all alone.” “Ah . . ” I reply, “Like the cheese. The cheese stands alone, right?” His reply: “Well, not always. Sometimes there’s crackers.”

Calendar Comedy

In preparation for Piano Guild, coming up in a matter of a few short weeks, I was explaining the deadlines to one of my students. “Today is May 17”, I say. “You have to be memorized by Class on May 23. That’s just six days away. Then you have a lesson the following week on May 31. Then just three days after that . . .” My student interrupts me to say, “Yeah, that would be the 34th”. Actually….


Welcome to our new on-site blog. This will be a place for you to check out our current activities and important announcements.  In addition to that, sometimes things that happen during lessons humor me enough to want to document them for future entertainment purposes.