Solo, Duet, Trio, etc.

On some recent paperwork sent home, I had mentioned the word “ensemble”, and had several people confused. By definition an ensemble is “a group of soloists singing or playing together”, and I used the term rather than speaking of our “duets”, as duet implies two people and I realized that some students were in larger groups (ensembles) of three, four, and sometimes five or more players. Anyway . . . I thought about this while viewing the following chart and thought it might be a helpful definition of each grouping. But mostly, I’m posting it to humor myself. 🙂
Han Solo Duet Trio Quartet Choir

Robert M Sides Celebration Recital

Robert M Sides is hosting a free Musical Recital in the Bon-Ton Court on Saturday, February 15, beginning at 3:00 p.m. They are encouraging all forms of musical talent – both instrumental and vocal, as well as varied ensemble performances. We have all been invited to participate.

I am currently taking names of the students who would like to participate in the February 15 show. But keep in mind that there will be two more concerts – April 12 and June 21. Each student is welcome to play in any or all of these recitals.

The program will be very flexible. There is no need to state the piece you wish to play until the day of the show (though I’m sure we’ll have some idea what you will choose). There is also no need to memorize the piece (though many of you already have several memorized pieces to choose from). You can’t go wrong!

Another fun thing: You may want to take along your duet or recital buddy – even if it’s your Grandmother! Or even if you have a buddy that plays a different instrument, or wants to sing. If you want to team up with someone, talk to them about attending as well and let me know.

Each student can play one solo and can play additional pieces if they are duets or ensembles.

Please mark your calendars for February 15 at 3:00 p.m. and know that “applications” will be coming home after recital (Jan 21/22/23). I MUST hear back the following week (Jan 28/29/30), as we must have our names registered by February 1.