Practicing Contest!

Practicting ContestHello Everyone!  Announcing our new practicing contest that will begin at your lesson THIS week.


1. For every day that you practice 20 minutes or more you will pick one bead to add to your studio ribbon.

2.  You  must complete a chart each week and it MUST be initialed by a parent before your lesson.

3.  Contest will end when the first student receives 30 beads.  To be fair – everyone else THAT WEEK that accomplishes the task will be included among the winners.

4.  It is hoped that many will practice at least 30 of the 40 or so days leading up to our big recital, so the prize will likely be announced at the show.

Now – GET PRACTICING!  And don’t forget to include your parents:  THEY MUST INITIAL your sheet EACH WEEK.   A copy of the final practicing sheets will be emailed to your parents when the contest ends.  ENJOY your playing – you are all amazing!