Ensemble Rehearsal

The majority of our students were on hand tonight for our first big “rehearsal”. We learned how to be a good performer: Start with a bow (‘Did I shine my shoes today? Yes, I shined my shoes today.’), be sure to lift our wrists and gently place our hands in our lap after each song, end with a bow (stay and smile!) and then exit the stage.

It’s also important to remember that while we do the best we can, and prepare to do our finest – perfection is not expected or required. If we make a mistake – show no fear! The audience may never know if we handle it in stride. Keep going no matter what and if you feel the need to begin again, that’s your decision to make.

It is our goal to have everyone memorize their solos. Are you having trouble with that? How about practicing in general? Getting stuck on a hard spot? There are all sorts of tips and tricks found via links on our website. Navigate to audreyspiano.com > miscellany > practicing tips. There are lots of great ideas! PLEASE visit this for help in making your practicing more fun and more productive.

Levels One (ages 5-9) & Two (ages 9-11)

Levels Two & Three (ages 11-13)

Levels Three & Four (ages 13-23)

Levels Four & Five (ages 12-23)