Studio Blog Challenge #7

What are these guys doing and why?
What is the full name* of the musical term shown here?
*I’m looking for a word with 10 letters

RANDOM UNWARNED “Back to School” Studio Blog Challenge
Read the New Rules Carefully!

Rules are simple: First correct and complete answer to both questions above (only accepted in the form of a comment on this blog entry) from someone currently enrolled in the studio (September and/or October) = Winner. It does not matter how you arrived at the answer, as long as it is complete and correct. Maybe you know it, maybe you googled it, maybe you asked Grandma – it doesn’t matter.

THE WINNER gets to pick a free book or sheet from studio stock at their next scheduled lesson. Half answers only get a paperclip, so be sure to answer carefully!

Important Dates – 2015

Please take note of these important dates and return for updates:

  • January 10: Our 23rd Annual Recital (formal) – Deane Center
  • February 14: Celebration Recital (informal) – Arnot Mall
  • March 21: Piano Showcase (competition) – Arnot Mall
  • May 28*: Piano Guild (encouraged) – Cedar Arts Center
  • June 20: Celebration Recital (informal) – Arnot Mall

*tentative date – I will keep you posted