Important Dates – Rehearsals, Closings & Classes

Please take note of the following dates:

  • Cover Art Rehearsal (Group I): Tuesday, October 18
  • Cover Art Rehearsal (Group II): Wednesday, November 9
  • Makeup/Performance Class: Monday, November 21
  • Studio Closed: November 22/23/24
  • Cover Art Rehearsal (All): Wednesday, December 7 (CHANGE!)
  • Makeup/Performance Class: Thursday, December 15 (CHANGE!)
  • Studio Closed: December 27/28/29

Earned Rewards and Prizes!

Our participating students earned a combined total of over $150 in brand new music of their choice. Favorites include Classical, Kid’s Songs, Jazz & Blues, Pop, Rock & Roll and even Improvisation! The students also helped to raise money to support our 20th Anniversary Recital this January with complete success. They have collected enough funds to cover many of our show’s expenses, allowing us to open our show to the public with FREE ADMISSION for the 20th year in a row.

Ribbons will be handed out for our high sellers (over 15 dozen cookies each):
Paige & Grace

Paige Gracie

Paige will also receive a music bag for being our #1 seller. GREAT JOB EVERYONE!! Thank you so much for your enthusiastic efforts! It is much appreciated.

Final Week of Cookie Sales – PRIZES!

  • Cookie Order Forms / Collected Money due October 18-20
  • Book Orders should accompany the cookie order so they may be ordered right away
    Money may be added if orders are short (4 doz + $1 = $5 book)
  • A variety of other books/sheets will be available next week if desired
  • OTHER ITEMS and awards are available for high sellers (first come/first serve)
    Differing degrees of Bags, Metronomes, Dictionaries, etc.
  • Top Seller(s) will receive a music medal!
  • Cookies available for pickup at Audrey’s Tuesday, October 25, starting at 11:00 a.m.
    They can be picked up early, or at your lesson Oct 25-27.

THANK YOU ALL for helping to support our 20th Annual Piano Recital! Your efforts are appreciated – this should be our greatest show yet!!