Piano Guild Chickens

This afternoon, seven of our students performed at the Cedar Arts Center in Corning, NY. For details, please visit our current Piano Guild Auditions page. Everyone did a MOST EXCELLENT job of performing. Scores were all the “Superior” rating, ranging from 18-27. CONGRATULATIONS all!!!

This year’s art exhibit included the blown glass works of Angus M Powers. They were the most interesting conglomeration of chickens I’ve seen in awhile.

Music Bingo

Tonight during our Winter Makeup Class, we played Music Bingo. Each question was first posed to a student who would draw the answer on the whiteboard. A student was asked to draw a key signature with four sharps and to help them out with the first sharp, I asked the class, “If you only have one sharp in your key signature, what is it?” A quick witted student replies, “Lonely.”