Recital DVD & Upcoming Events

The DVD will be available in February, but I need to collect the money within the next two weeks. DVDs can now be ordered as follows:

  • 1 for $12
  • 2 for $18
  • 3 for $24
  • 4 for $30
  • each add’l, add $6

PIANO GUILD AUDITIONS memorized applications are as follows:

  • District – 4 Pieces (4) $27
  • State – 7 Pieces (5+2) $29
  • National – 10 Pieces (8+2) $31 IE $35

The +2 means that you can substitute Transposition and Sight Reading for a song in those levels. Right now we don’t necessarily have to determine WHAT we are playing, but we do have to determine HOW MANY we are playing. Applications will be going home this week. A copy has also been emailed to you all today.

PIANO SHOWCASE applications will also be going home next week to those students who have already received the copy of Level Two: “Menuet en Rondeau” several months ago.

  • Registration is $10.

All DVD orders and event applications must be turned in by the week of Jan 29/30/31, please.

Class of 2013

Class of 2013
Class of 2013

All the students did an excellent job at the recital. All that hard work paid off!

The Free-Press Courier has an article this week, so be sure to get a copy! Next week our class photo should be published in the same paper – so look for that, too.

Clark Wood Elementary Assembly

Clark Wood Assembly Participants

Today at 1:30, our five Clark Wood elementary students, plus a 7th grader who homeschools, performed for the Clark Wood elementary. It was a great first performance opportunity for three of those students who’s first community recital is tomorrow! Tonight at 4:00 will be our rehearsal for all students in tomorrow’s show.

Important Dates for 2013

  • Recital REHEARSAL: Friday, January 11 – 4:00 p.m. @ School
  • 21st Annual PIANO RECITAL: Saturday, January 12 @ 3:00 p.m.
  • STUDIO CLOSED: February 12/13/14 (1 of 4 for 2013)
  • Robert M Sides PIANO SHOWCASE: Saturday, March 23
    9:00am (Lev 1-3), 11:00am (Lev 4-6), 1:00pm (Lev 7-10)
  • Piano GUILD AUDITIONS: Friday, May 31 June 7 in Corning