Earn Your Books!! With Our Candle Fundraiser

I would like to encourage all students to participate, but it is not required. Each candle sold will earn the student $1 toward the purchase price of a brand new book OR toward the same sale prices already offered for in-stock items. These books need not be only for recital songs – but any book or sheet music that the student would like to have. The rest of the money will go toward defraying the cost of our Annual Piano Recital this January.

We plan to start the fund-raiser the week of October 1/2/3 and collect orders and money two weeks later – October 15/16/17. The Candles should be in a few weeks after that and can be picked up during the normal lesson time that week.

Remember: Our in-stock sale items are available now until the close of our Candle Fund Raiser, as shown below. WISH LIST book order forms will be send home with the Fund Raiser Forms at the end of the month. The $1 per candle can be applied to either/both.

It’s Music Time!

At Piano Guild Auditions many years back, the adjudicator was miffed by the fact that, at the time, most of our students played songs merely from their method (lesson) books.
“Books! Books! They need more BOOKS!!!”, she said.

With that little story being told: Recital season is upon us!
Every mid-January we hold our annual recital and it is our hope that we will have something particularly special to play. Each student chooses their own piece(s) and I have an abundant supply.

In Stock Music Book & Sheet Special*

  • $4 – 2 Sheets or 1 Book
  • $5 – 1 Sheet + 1 Book
  • $6 – 3 Sheets or 2 Books

Please seriously consider allowing your child to expand their musical repertoire.

* Regular Prices: Ave $3-4 Sheet; $6-10 Book
If you prefer to order something not in stock, regular prices will apply. But order SOON – Recital wil be here before you know it!