2013 Piano Guild Auditions

All the students who attended Piano Guild Auditions this afternoon did very well – in fact, they all got a SUPERIOR, or Superior Minus rating. THAT’S AWESOME! Some really nice things were written about all the students. They all hit what Guild calls the “Citywide Circle” rating, which means that their preparation shows that her/his playing is sufficiently polished or outstanding to make them a possible selectee to represent their school in a citywide or countywide concert (sort of like our annual piano recital!)

Congratulations to Bobby, who had our HIGH SCORE – 26. For all scores, please visit our 2013 Piano Guild page.

Bobby and his sister, Hannah
Bobby and his sister, Hannah

All the students who attended were AMAZING (as are the rest of you)!

Parents of participation students – please come inside at the beginning of lessons next week so I can present the certificates, report cards and pins and explain the scoring.

Thanks, everyone – for such awesome support. It’s going to be a FUN SUMMER!!