Recital Fundraiser – COOKIES! Sept 25 – Oct 11

Ditto on last’s year’s blog post – cookie sales! And I don’t mean just *any* little cookies – I mean DEB’S BAKERY COOKIES! These things are not only fantastic, they are HUGE! Here’s the plan: Students will be able to help defray the ever rising costs of our Annual Piano Recital – building use costs, insurance, printing and advertising, just to name the big expenditures. PLUS – students will receive credit for each dozen cookies they sell, which will go toward earning books and sheet music, either for the recital or just for fun!

Next week a “shopping list” will be sent home with each student to decide which book(s) they may like to earn. They will earn one book or two pieces of sheet music for selling 6 dozen cookies. The more they sell, the more books/sheets they can earn. High sellers may even be able to put their credits toward bigger items like a metronome or music bag.

Cookie order forms will go home with the students the week of September 25/26/27 and must be returned in two weeks – the week of October 9/10/11. Fresh cookies will then be available for pickup two weeks later on Tuesday, October 23 – anytime after 11:00 a.m. PLEASE plan to pick up the cookies on TUESDAY, October 23 so they will be fresh for your friends and family!

The only difference with the cookies this year is with the icing. If someone orders a dozen iced cookies, they will receive 12 icing filled cups instead of icing already on the cookies. This allows for easier packaging and transport and at the same time keeps it fair – everyone gets their own icing to spread. 🙂

We know that you will LOVE these cookies! May I recommend the snickerdoodles?

NOTE: The two boxes represent ONE DOZEN. There is 1/2 dozen cookies in EACH BOX.